Thursday, 19 May 2011

thank you

this was a delightful surprise!

i feel very honoured to be recognized by a scrapbooker that i admire. hopefully one day we will actually meet in real life?! Susan sent me this award last week. go and check out her blog {Live, Love, Laugh and Create!} to be inspired! she also teaches some classes and i would love to attend them. there is always a lot of detail in her projects....and i LOVE details!

after receiving the award i am supposed to....
thank the person i received the award from and give a link back to her blog.
share 8 things about myself.
pass the award on to other individuals that have amazing and inspirational blogs. (not a set number here!)
leave them a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.

how about i share 8 things about myself now.....

1. i started scrapbooking in 1997. like many scrapbookers i was invited to a Creative Memories home party where we cut up our photos into a variety of shapes and learned about archiving our photos to last for centuries. i was a newlywed and a new graduate from the University of Alberta with a new job. time and money were both issues. i couldn't bear to cut up my wedding photos, so i decided to practice with a vacation album. for the next six years i created simple albums of any memorable vacations. by simple i mean no page protectors {gasp!} and using very few tools and lots of stickers. each time i made an album i bought one or a couple of new tools as an investment. i still use many of those today. {phew!} believe it or not, i never bought a single item through Creative Memories. i do own some Creative Memories tools, but got lucky enough to buy them second hand at a garage sale. yes, they are super tools and worked fine. in 2004 i moved over to the "dark side" of scrapbooking. i fell in love with a magazine titled "Baby, Oh Baby!" and decided to make a first year album for my son. i wanted each page to be a project and unique....just like the pages in the magazine! you can read more about that here. and click on "baby albums" {on the side colum} to see the series of posts i did on my kids albums. you can see how i changed and developed my style too.

2. i just joined a book club for the first time in my life. except in our monthly meetings where a book club discusses the book....well, they don't! they do chat about it for a few minutes. so far it looks like my kind of club. ha!

3. my husband and i were married young. i was 23 and he was 22 {he is 9 months younger than me}. we will celebrate our 16th anniversary this summer.

4. i have a fear of heights. i am working on it. i am envious of anyone who can climb steep stairs, walk across swinging bridges or have their photos taken on top of a mountain.....without sweaty palms, shaking knees and tears!

5. i have never been to a circus. neither have my kids. {although most days feel like a circus around here!} i do hope to go one day. with my kids!! i read 'Water for Elephants' while we were on vacation last month and now i want to see a circus more than ever. {i would totally recommend that book. no, it was not the book for the new book club i joined.} Jan created the most amazing artists' tray using the Graphic 45 circus line....also makes me want to see a circus!

6. i have a bachelors' degree in Elementary Education. i taught at MCS for 6 years and did a lot of growing! let's just say you will not have an audience with me if you complain about teachers. it's a tough job!! parenting is about as difficult. since it was a private school, i wanted to try something different. i moved over to the public system, as a supply teacher. as much as i wished i had a full time position, it was a great opportunity. i met some more amazing teachers and friends as a result. when both of my kids are in school full time, i will most likely return to teaching. .every time i volunteer in the classroom i get that longing to be back working with kids. but never full time again!! i want to keep teaching scrapbooking and having time for scrapbooking AND my family. {most teachers love to talk. true, not? i guess that is why my posts can get so long....sigh.}

7. growing up i didn't just hate running....i DETESTED it! in my late twenties i decided to give myself a year to try liking it. if i still hated it after a year, then i would never do it again. well, after six months i had a new passion. not to say i was fast....because i was not! but i enjoyed it. i even trained for a half-marathon just before Aidan entered our world. i injured myself (long story) when i was about 6 weeks pregnant and didn't run again until after he was born.

8. i learned to swim as an adult. i was terrified of water and never spent time at swimming pools. that didn't help matters! i am not fast and still wear a life jacket at the lake.... however i am proud that i managed to gain enough skill and confidence to complete a couple of triathlons (swim, bike, run).

are you still awake?!

i am going to nominate......

1. Nadia
2. Etoile
3. Rhonda
4. Miranda
5. Pat
6. Roslyn

head over to their blogs and check them out. leave a comment too!

i also hinted last post that i was trying out a new product called "Clearly for Art". i've been playing around with the new black paper.....



this is a tag that i am demonstrating tonight at Urban Scrapbook. i'll have a few colour choices, so you don't have to leave with an identical one if you don't want to! it's simple. you'll have lots of time to play around with the new product to make the flower and butterfly. it is an amazing material and totally impossible to make a mistake with.

the product also comes in white and clear. it has only been available in black for a short time. it is full of possibilities!! {a characteristic i look for} we have all 3 choices available for purchase at Urban.

well, hoping to play around some more at my desk. i also may make a quick visit to a nearby greenhouse. {i wish Wellingtons' was closer!} the house is quiet right now, and i am loving it!!

enjoy your long weekend.


  1. THANK you so very much for this wonderful award. It is indeed lovely to receive such positive reinforcement! MANY THANKS!.

    It was interesting getting to know you a little bit more and we actually have a few things in common. I was also married young..I was 20 and hubby 23 and we just celebrated our 12th year, I am also a primary (elementary) school teacher..I just saw Water for Elephants and loved it, and I NEED to learn how to swim as an adult too..LOL!

    Thanks so much. I will post this on my blog today.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Hi Roxanne! Thank you for the award - it was a nice surprise for sure :) I have responded...if I wait until 2012 I might forget...then again I might not since I am a list person...haha.

    I will bring Tristan around to the store soon! I still can't believe that he has finally arrived...the long 9-10 months don't seem so long now looking back! Hope all is well - I also am sad that I missed your demo of the Clearly for Art! (I have to stay home with Tristan for a month due to chinese traditions).


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