Sunday, 20 January 2008

a little album for Daddy

i made this album for Kristian just before he was supposed to head out on a business trip for a few days. i had the paper and stickers, etc for use for another project, but since that wasn't coming together....i thought this might be nice for him. wouldn't it be a great surprise to find in a suitcase when you're far from home and missing your crazy family? yeah that's what i thought too!

in any case, Kristian did not go on the trip, and since no other trips were planned in the near future i gave it to him in person. not bad how it worked out because this way i got to see how he liked it. there was no 'wa-hoo-ing' or tears...but as always he gave comments on what he liked best.

i really liked looking through it myself, so i decided to make one for me! i have the large albums, but those aren't always small enough to keep handy and enjoy regularly. i had been putting off the project --let's say duplicating projects isn't as exciting as making the first one. and just this week he was asking if i had seen the album because he wanted to take it to that his desk had arrived. i think that is a marvelous complement!

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