Monday, 10 March 2008

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baby pages!

month eight

i adore these photos of Aidan and Kiara. such a cute age for babies.

this was interesting. zippers were one of those neat things to add for awhile. and i like to be in on the latest! i found this one on sale at my lss (local scrapbook store a.k.a. my favourite scrapbook store) one day and figured i would use it somewhere. and here it is. could have done more stuff with it i now realize. but this is where it ended up. remember the printing secrets i shared last entry. this is another page done with that super secret method. i actually used the colours in the striped paper for the font colours. that is when a computer and a printer are handy!

i should also mention...sometimes stuff happens that you regret. not long after i completed this page i found the painted footprints i made of him at this age that intended to be on this page. oops! i thought i would redo the page and add them in. after another year of thought i think it would be better to just do a new page. hmmm......i guess i better get on that one of these days!

i got this paper on sale at Michaels. sometimes there are amazing bargains to be had! i think they cost something line 33 cents a sheet? again the journalling is computer, using my printing tips. and the flowers and words on the second page are both rub-ons. i think i love rub-ons too much. is that possible?

i also like to distress paper and photos. more on that next entry. i like to think of distress as de-stress. much less violent. this layout and the last one of Aidan had some distressing techniques used.

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