Monday, 31 March 2008


ride in the jogging stroller

in honour of Kiara's jogging stroller milestone i thought i would share this page.

i still love this paper by Tinkering Ink.

the tag is an altered tag from Children's has little snowflakes encased in clear plastic. not your ordinary tag at all!

i do have to confess that i have seen some other layouts that have had more intricate cutting of the large snowflake, and i wish i had tried that! maybe used some pop-dots. or some glitter. i put this together last year, so i guess i need to be less critical of myself. we scrapbookers are a funny bunch. all the work that goes into these pages...and then a year later we are wishing we had gone a different route! after more ideas have been published....and more products are available....

i have to often remind myself of the purposes of my scrapbook albums.

first and foremost they record memories that i do not want to forget. they are an heirloom to me.

second it is an outlet for me to be creative. and i should be congratulating myself that i see things i could have done differently! doesn't that mean i am actually learning something new as the months or years pass?

and some days....i need LOTS of reminders! why are we always hardest on ourselves?

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