Saturday, 10 May 2008

design school


my first assignment...

so i managed to catch up on the videos last night and this afternoon. and did some homework after the kids went to bed. i am still amazed that the page took only an hour...using kayla aimee's tutorial that is. but i did add some of my own flair to it. and i took time to practice a few things she recommended. an hour. that is impressive. all it takes is a good teacher....thanks KA!!! (yeah, we are now close personal friends since i became one of her students.....should have taken the class with me.....see what you're missing out on!)
top of the list.....i'm glad that i hadn't done a lot of digital scrapping on my own before. not long enough to form too many bad habits. even though i've played around with PSE for a few years now....i have learned some things to speed up the process. word of the week for me is "layers". and here i thought i had been using them.
this week we'll get into more intricate stuff i guess. and i'm thrilled to learn that they are planning for an intermediate class as well. can't wait to sign up for that one.
one digital designer i've admired for a long time is Rhonna Farrar. and Jessica Sprague. wow.
and i've seen some layouts on SIStv done digital that will knock your socks off too.
to name just a few.
can't name them all....must get to bed....but browse through these to start...and then jump to the next one...and before you know it the sun is rising and you haven't slept a wink. at least it was a good night?! lol!!

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