Saturday, 21 June 2008

this week

in my crafting world....

Aidan made daddy a gift in playschool. very appropriate at this time with all of the construction happening in our backyard....

i gave a hint at this earlier....i had seen a project on SIStv here. i loved it. but i thought a photo would also be nice. i got very lucky...had a chance to shop awhile back at Linen's & Things and they had a buy 1 get 1 free sale. great excuse to do this project.

fortunately for us....Daddy liked all the gifts!

we also celebrated the end of Aidans' first year in school. well...preschool!

the two classes got together and bought an awesome gift for this special teacher. each class also put together a little album. the other class found one at a store that just needed information. but our class had each child make a handprint, a picture and then we added a photo of our child. we got most of the parents to participate.

this is what it looked like after it was assembled. with the extra pages, we added some photos we'd taken during the year.

and those that combined for the group is the card i made for us to sign our thanks.

in truth...i'm not really a card maker. in the past i've made lots of cards at once when i have needed a break from the scrapbook pages. and i'm one of those people that takes advantage of the stampin'up workshops where you make 15 cards in a few hours. but you know what?! i had fun making this one. i love this line from American Crafts. and that little white flourish and flower? that is a vinyl rub-on. very different. love the crispness of it! and more complicated to apply than your typical rub-on...but still quite easy.

this was on the inside. is that not a sweet poem for a teacher thanks?

and i had to decorate the envelope!

well....i had a lot of fun making that card.

so then i made a few more. these were given away as gifts. it is always so nice to have a stack of cards ready when you need one. i put basic labels on the inside. but she could easily cover it with her own sticker or label. or maybe the sentiment will be useful?!

and i got so excited about wrapping them up...i forgot to take photos of them in my usual place. so i ended up unwrapping them in the car, enroute! yeah. oops!

they were all approx. 5 inch square.

this photo makes it look like this flower does not match the paper. but you have to trust does match!!

love this little butterfly. i added the AC rub-on to the inside of the acrylic butterfly. then added alcohol inks to the top. before adhering it to the card!!

again...the colours don't look right. but they were perfect. i love the little gems on these. my crafting place clean. again. i have some excellent photos to scrapbook. got great paper. ready to go. but maybe another day. it is already late. our house is finally quiet, and smells like yummy cookies. it is on the warm side...but still comfortable. today is the longest day of the year. or was it yesterday? either way i am hoping Kiara will start to fall asleep at her usual time. not just before we go to bed. i do remember Aidan doing this same thing. frustrating time of life.

i'm debating about trying out for some design teams. i keep thinking...but do i have time for that right now? like they will accept me! lol. i think it would be fun to try products that i wouldn't normally use in my regular scrapbooking. there are some products i have tried because the girls at Urban have encouraged me to give a go. sometimes i'm not so enthused. but other times -- most times -- i have been amazed that i had not tried them out before.

there are also some incredible classes going on at Urban too. a few of them i would probably have signed up in an instant. but there is the issue of this garage building...can only get done on days when Kris isn't working at the office and his able and willing volunteers are also free. (in every sense of the word!) on the positive side....the classes will only continue to get better!

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  1. I cannot tell you how much that teacher appreciated your gift! I got two of these from past kindergarten classes I taught and I treasure them! So much better than yet another teacher mug, and it really shows how much you appreciated the teacher's hard work.


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