Wednesday, 23 July 2008

old photo

this has been one of my favourite photos from my childhood.

not too many photos of the cousins back in those days.
can you guess which one is me?!

love those old paper photos from the 70's. i actually took one of my recent digital photos and aged it to look kind of like this one! too funny.

this is straight from the scanner.

kind of washed out. the photo itself has seen better days. a few cracks and rips.

here it is after some tlc. some adjustments to the colours, brightness and shadows. and a lot of cloning to get rid of the tears and cracks.

i did some more tweaking here. i would like to learn more about how to adjust some levels in photoshop to make improvements. but this was good for now! i am actually torn between which of the two i like better. this last one is quite dark.

BUT quite the difference from the initial photo.

and then i thought it would be fun to play around and put the photo into a layout. digital layout.

here is a bonus with digital. i was working on the layout, and it just wasn't working. i could not figure out why! moved elements around. changed elements. deleted elements. then it struck me! try changing the size of the photo. voila! that is what it needed. a 4 inch square photo on a 12 inch sheet of paper....yeah kind of tiny!

i still think it needs something. i'm sure i'll find something vintage online to use with it. it would be so cool to find an old John Deere bill of sale or something cool.

by the way....i was four years old when this photo was taken. my cousins were three. and my sister just turned two. i'm sitting in the back of the tractor on the far left. my cousin, Melanie is in the middle, sitting beside my other cousin, Brent. my sister, Heather, is standing in the front. so odd to think that my own kids are in this same age group right now.

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