Tuesday, 22 July 2008



i just felt like putting together a digital layout today.

we're home with colds. love that plugged head feeling....

last Sunday i took Kiara and the camera to the zoo. i got some cute shots of her. and her teddy bear. i was anxious to find just one inspiring photo....determined to take less than ten minutes to choose one and get right into the layout. success!!! yay!

all of the stuff came from Jessica Sprague LivE's Page. it was fun. (except for the journalling and part of the title...those were downloaded fonts i've had for awhile)

already i see that i need to review the stuff i learned in my digi course from a few months ago. it is rewarding to put together a layout and not have any clean-up to do. unless you call "exit" a program clean-up! lol....

anyways it is fun to play around and see what i remember. try out other stuff. i kept it simple...just using stuff that i downloaded today.

i've been checking out some of the new stuff to hit stores this fall. basic grey is looking interesting....of course i was looking at Kelly Goree's blog....and i think she could do amazing stuff with just a plain paper bag....so we'll see what it looks like when i see it in person.

and when i wasn't dreaming about scrapbooking.....i cleaned our "office" yesterday. (it seems like the kids go crazy when i clean. apparently Kiara's pajama drawer needed some cleaning....of all the drawers for them to pick, i can live with that one!) so happy to have done some rearranging and feel like i have a bit more space. and i now have a "recent items" box on my desk. we'll see how that works for me! i like that feature on the computer....

i think i'm going to go work on some paper projects now. i'm sure Aidan would love to use his new office space....right?!

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