Monday, 1 December 2008

day one


my days of Christmas....


there are lots of versions of these out there. fabric. paper. cardboard.

i made this in 2006. Pat from Urban Scrapbook taught the class. my friend, Kirsten and i took the class together. we are using it again this year.
i fill each box with candy that we love to eat.

this year i thought we could handle being more creative. each box contains candy and something that we "need" to do that day.

here is my list.

you are welcome to print it out and use it yourself or copy some of my ideas. i have two young preschoolers, so our tasks need to be on the simple side. i also arranged the more time-consuming tasks on days that we are all at home or when there is less that needs to be accomplished that day.

this year, Kirsten put together another Christmas countdown. you can get an idea of how it works...

nice background my fridge doesn't help that i also took the pic with the flash on!

check out these advent/countdown ideas:



Pink Paislee {with instructions!}



and here

over there those details!!

in love with this

and here

so simple over there

this too

hope to make this next year!

{i have enjoyed reading the blog "In The Best World". Heather has been posting her daily favourites lately. love it! thanks!!}

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