Saturday, 31 January 2009

layout with unique journaling

this is a photo of Aidan from a year ago.

he was just beginning to recognize letters. he already knew what the letter "a" looked like. and he knew that he had one that started his name.

using chalk and these neat little chalkboards, i wrote out his name for him. then he copied it. over and over. and then finally erased the board and started himself. he has been able to write his name about 98% of the time by himself since that day.

his teacher-mommy was very proud!!

these started as plain etched acrylic letters. i used three colours of alcohol inks to add colour and dimension. the sketches in the letters are perfect for this paper.
i think the company that made these is no longer in business? it's too bad. i think they were maybe just a bit too early....acrylic stuff in scrapbooking has really gained popularity in this last year. in my opinion! which we know is always right!! lol.

soooo.... i hadn't meant for this to become a page... i tried using those stickers somewhere else and didn't like how it looked. so then they were added to the journal section. still not a huge fan of how this turned out...but learning to embrace it!

and this is my unique journaling. hidden inside a book on a layout. i also had Aidan write his name at the same time. since the page was done a year later, i thought it might be fun to add his handprinting as well.
i do have to say that CosmoCricket paper can sure take abuse! it was tough to peel off the sticker, but still possible without major catastrophe! and those stickers still kept their sticky-ness after being peeled away. sort of like the AC thicker stickers. sort of. but not quite.
it has been so weird to look back on my scrapbooking over this past year. i have really pushed myself to try new techniques. attempted to try new styles. i think it was 1996 when i put together my first scrapbook. to compare that book with a book today...unbelieveable!
that very first book....i used rub-ons! isn't that crazy?! they are still around. and soooo different.
i bought a "zig writer" in black for that first project. and it still works just as well today as it did over 10 years ago. awesome investment!!
i also bought a pair of Fiskar scissors....called "deckle edge". they have been sitting in my crop bag for several years without seeing the light of day. i brought them out to use on my December Daily album. love them!!

those three tools {and the little cardboard album} was my intro into scrapbooking. every scrapbooker needs a good quality black pen with a tip for writing....fine or medium. good scissors is also a good investment. initially i did not even own a straight edge cutter. instead i used a great quality clear ruler, self-healing mat and exacto knife. no regrets over that choice. and i bought those for another project....making Christmas cards one year. so don't get overwhelmed with all the tools. buy a few at a time. buy good quality. ease into the craft.
there is no right or wrong way to begin.
the purpose is to remember the story behind the photo.
the art comes second and can help to share your story.
it is completely personal.
just do it!
{i think NIKE was on to something with that ad....}

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