Monday, 16 February 2009

got hearts?

here is another of the projects i made in Wilna's he(art) class.

i covered a box of chocolates in paper. and then added ribbon, a pin, letter stickers... (all while i ate the chocolates, of course!!)

and the heart shaped cards {or postcards, in my case!} all fit nicely inside the heart box.

and thus began my dilemna...these were meant to be given away. but i couldn't do it! so i added pictures to the back of the cards and turned it into an album. how is that for selfishness during a season of love and kindness and friendship to others?!

i also added some journaling next to the photos. {not pictured!}
and somewhere out there a music teacher is cringing that i ripped up some sheet music.....well, to be fair, i also had to rip up an old book too. and a new book. and don't tell, but i've also participated in ripping pages out of cookbooks and magazines.....i'm sure i started ripping paper at an early age, if my own children are any indication!

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