Tuesday, 17 March 2009

the story of...

two happy lil' rebels

some more October Afternoon goodies that i had been hoarding for far too long!
this is a different layout than i've been doing lately. i was inspired to do it after reading the October afternoon blog last week.
and i learned something!!
the process to creating a simple looking layout is not always so simple. whatever can you mean, you may ask?! well...there is really no layering. and that surprised me, because i've only been layering many of my layouts for less than a year. it was a good exercise to avoid "too much" layering! keep things fresh. the tough part was the title, if you can believe that. i changed it three times. the first time i had "good cop - bad cop". it didn't seem right. then i changed it to the present title, but used different stickers. then i used these ones. and realized that these letter stickers actually were designed to coordinate with this paper. go figure! maybe i was trying to complicate the simple...
what lessons will i learn this week?

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