Tuesday, 5 May 2009

no title

just as i was downloading this, i realized that i forgot to title this layout! LOL.

still more stuff from the kit.

i loved the look of Kiara's face in the photo, but it did not turn out that great. a little bit of photoshop. okay, A LOT of photoshop and i liked it better. it won't win any contests, but i think it tells a story all the same.

last summer i bought annual passes for us at a local historical park. we would visit a different era on each of our trips. we also would take the train or a streetcar each time. the train was a special highlight because it was soooo different for them!
and i LOVE that RiffRaff heart. it was actually several hearts nested together. i can't remember now how many in total....but i think i'll purchase one more package. i'm in awe of how much mileage you can get out of one!!
and in other news....our house is now pending. and we are still looking for a house for us to buy. it won't be long before i'll have the space and time to scrapbook again! hip-hip-hooray!!

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