Monday, 7 December 2009

this is interesting

totally unrelated to Christmas....but still had to share!

i came across this post on the Creating Keepsakes blog tonight. (if you happen to notice the date....yup, i read it late!)

i found it interesting to look at the changes that evolved from the card made in 1996 to the card made this year. as well as the layout from 1998 to the one from 2008.

i know part of the differences were the products available. as well as the number of techniques that have evolved over the years.

i think the biggest difference though is the evolvement of the personal style of the scrapbooker. i have joked with several other scrapbookers about looking back at our "old" pages. whether you have been scrapbooking for ten years or 6 months...there will always be a difference. the products will always change. techniques will also continue to evolve.

i have also heard some girls talk about "re-doing" the old pages. although i can understand why, i still think it would be better to just let them be! make a new page with new or recent photos. i think those old pages are a huge part of the story. kind of a fashion statement of sorts.

sometime between Christmas and New Years, i plan to go out and look through some of those old pages. with my kids. it should be interesting.

i challenge you to do the same!

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