Thursday, 1 July 2010

happy CANADA day!

today we are celebrating Canada Day.
a young country. today we celebrate its 143rd birthday.

my eldest is especially patriotic. he loves anything red. maple leaves. even the word, CANADA.

it actually makes for a pretty fun holiday! {if i can only find the flag and maple leaf tattoos that i stowed away to save for this special day!!}

we are also excited to celebrate with our newest nephew. he was born on Sunday and joins 2 very excited and lively siblings. 

the sun is shining and the forecast for today looks very promising. in some years past we have had pouring rain. even some signs of snow. the past few years have been excellent weather. it was only a few years ago that we poured our garage pad on a very hot Canada Day. fortunately the pour was done early at 7am, and the heat helped the concrete set perfectly. 

well, the house is just starting to wake up. coffee is being brewed. and i need to check a few more places for those darn tattoos. 

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!


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