Friday, 12 November 2010


snowflakes. snowmen. icicles. ice skates. sleds. touques. {i'm Canadian, eh?!}

those are my favourite winter symbols or pictures.

for years i only chose Christmas cards with snowmen. then i only made Christmas cards with snowmen. or snowflakes.

as much as i dream about laying on a beach, with hot sand, splashing waves and palm trees....i think i would actually miss Canadian winters. eek! i can't believe i just admitted that. happily {or sadly} i know i am not alone in that thinking!

my next class for our monthly layout:


it was a lot of fun to work with the brand new Merry January from WeAreMemoryKeepers. little bit of cartoon, with some 'reality' thrown in.


i had not thought about it before, but this paper is perfect for this November. i have suddenly begun to notice the trees that are still holding on to a few leaves....then some frost...and like today, a few flakes falling... if only we didn't have to wait until sticky spring snow to make our snowmen. each year i hope for it to be an exception. how cool to build a snowman in November and have him last till spring thaw....maybe this year?


this is one of my favourite photos from last year. we had many days of thick, thick hoar frost. i love how the sunbeam is sparkling through the trees.


here are some new techniques that i cannot wait to share with my classes.


yes, you cannot buy these embellishments. we have to make them. i promise you will be fully addicted and desiring to make lots of winter layouts with it! i can promise that, because i too have fallen for it.


doesn't it look like a shaving of ice? i had tried to do something else, but it did not work like i had hoped. in this case, i am happy that it did not. {especially since 99% of the time it is the other way around!}


like this felt pom-pom. it was something i did while i was stuck thinking through the layout. in the end, it was a happy and positive diversion. i went out and bought more colours of felt to make more. so simple and quick. i think it would look nice pinned on my winter coat. or clipped in my hair. once i put it behind glass it did get squished. i will do some experimenting and see if i can make it a smidge more flat for the albums. just as long as i don't sacrifice the lovely puffiness of it! i found a version of this flower on a winter wreath. very lovely.

tomorrow is a big day at our house. the final card making frenzy. i'm regretting not getting them started earlier. i was expecting a HUGE mess, like other years. however they have been amazing at keeping their work area clean. i can't wait to share a few of their designs. they love to see their work posted here too. i think i had mentioned that this is the third year the 2 of them have been helping some friends make art to sell. all to raise money for the Stollery Children's Hospital. last year the group raised $2000. all of the kids were under the age of 7. remarkable. inspiring.

{if you want more information about the fundraiser happening next Sunday, just leave a comment with your email and i'll pass it on to you!}

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  1. Wow...great embellishments. And outstanding photos.


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