Friday, 17 December 2010


it was crazy to think that i have been designing and teaching layouts every month for a year! i remember sitting down at my kitchen table designing the first one. working past midnight. finishing it and feeling soooo nervous. it was done to my satisfaction....but what if it wasn't approved....or what if no one liked it enough to sign up.... then i got thinking that i would have to do this at least 11 more times! what did i just agree to?!!

i learned a lot. {and still a lot more to learn!}

here is the introductory or title page for their finished albums:


this was the most amazing line designed by My Mind's Eye. great colours, design, texture....not a bad sheet in the set.

i came across a few layouts that had collections of rosettes clustered and loved the look of them. i  admit that i learned a lot about shortcuts to them while making this page! of course the lessons were those...."oh, if i had done this"....and...."ahhh, if i do this....". another great shortcut would be to just purchase the Tim Holtz Paper Rosette die. yes, that did occur to me. a few times. ha!

{speaking of Tim Holtz....did you see the 12 tags of Christmas this year?! oh. my. good. ness. and my Christmas wish list just increased. again!}


we will be making that banner!


they LOVED making rosettes soooo much that i had to do one more page with them! the shortcut will be much loved and they will be wearing these soon. oh. yes.



i borrowed a cuttlebug. if you ever wanted to know who buys embossing folders and dies before they have the machine to use them....well....that would be ME. it nearly killed me to watch Mr. Tim Holtz make all his tags and use the folders and dies that i owned....see them staring at me on my desk....and not use them! thank goodness for friends who own the tool, are willing to share and live close by. {yes, it is on my list too. the machine. not friends. but i could always use more of those too!}

more information than you needed to know.

the last page is this one...the closing page:


i had thought about having our year end family photo on this page. then i realized i had used it on the December layout. hmmm... then i decided to use photos that did not get put on any layouts during the year.

here is another classic Roxanne maneuver....i cropped all my photos using Photoshop {not all the photos ended up on the layout}, laid them all out on an 8 1/2 x 11 page, printed them at home. the plan was to use my trimmer to cut them out. but my trimmer was a bit out of commission at the time. thank goodness for large square punches! classic move by me.


i love the colours on the Glitz papers. and the patterns.



the scrolls were cut out using this cartridge with my cricut. the irony is that it is my favourite of all i own....but it has the least designs and was the most expensive to purchase. don't regret the decision. just wish i had left the other not-so-great cartridges at the store that day.

we have our Urban Scrapbook staff Christmas party tonight. i can't wait!

thank you for your wonderful comments this week. it made my week!

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