Thursday, 20 January 2011

all that glitters is gold....

pink gold!

our challenge at Urban Scrapbook for February is GLITTER.

i did play with a new technique, but could not make it work with my layout. darn! i have some leftover perhaps i can work it into a card?

i used my border punches, sookwang tape and glitter on my banner at the top.
Craft Glitter is fine, like pixie dust (yes, i have a preschool girl in my house...why do you ask?!). i used a fine point glue pen to draw on my butterflies, letters and lace doilies. the glitter sticks like a charm. and oh so sparkly! i even used it on the 'je t'aime' card. i outlined the hearts on the doily centre and cut it out for the centre of one of my pinwheels.


my inspiration for this layout came from Steph Devlin who had a layout on the Pink Paislee blog awhile back. i loved the banner and the pinwheels with the bold borders. yes, you can see i heavily lifted that layout.



this paper is all from Making Memories Je t'adore valentine line. it really is amazing. i am not exaggerating when i tell you that the paper just sat on my desk for several days. several days. it was all so pretty, that i could not decide which piece to use for what!

i decided to use my ticket die cut to make tickets for my banner. i also just bought the Martha Stewart scoring board. i have never made the pinwheel flowers so fast!


this is my husband and i nearly 16 years ago.

we decided that we did not want to have a long engagement, nor did he want a big wedding. i have a multitude of cousins and aunts and uncles...the smallest we could make it was 125 people. Kris had no idea what he was in for! keeping the wedding under 200 caused a lot of friction to my family. great start for us! it was a Friday night, and very short. given the short engagement i knew that my aunts were already making guesses as to how many weeks early the baby would be born! i remember thinking that if we were to get pregnant it had better be at least 12 months after the wedding. there was no way i would want add more debate and speculation among my family to my life with my new husband! {no babies would enter the picture for another 9 years. take that! ha!!}

we were so poor! we were extremely fortunate that an old high school friend of Kris' was a professional photographer. the session was a gift from him. we gave him 30 minutes. can you believe it?!! he printed out a selection of 4x6 photos and put them in an album for us. we never did make any enlargements. out of all the photos i think only 12 were just of the 2 of us. which is why we probably never enlarged any. we did keep a few out in frames for awhile. our favourites was a series of 3 comical and spontaneous shots of us...those were framed and hung on our wall until we moved here.

i'm sure he still has the negatives. we should call and buy them. 

thinking about that.

i decided this photo would be perfect for the layout. it is also the FIRST wedding photograph i had ever scrapbooked. gasp! but the colour was just not quite right.

i scanned it. the photo is glossy. not great for scanning! enter Photoshop Actions. a little more intended blur, desaturation....voila!

i know i won't scrapbook a wedding album for myself. but i think it would be nice to have some more photos from our early years in scrapbooks.

i have done other layouts. just haven't photographed them yet. that is odd for me! they are hanging on my wall so that i can admire them though.

in other excited for CHA next week. there have been sneak peaks of lots of new stuff coming out. my list has already been started! whenever my family hears me 'gasp' they no longer come running. so true! once CHA begins then all the secrets will be out and we can see what new products we can expect. i just hope that none of the good stuff makes us having to wait for too many months. that is just plain mean! right?! yeah, you know what i mean!

okay, first class of the year is already for teaching. next class is on my desk waiting to be created. the weather is still keeping me indoors. perfect!


  1. Another beautiful layout! Love the banner!

  2. I love that picture of you two :)

    guess who...!?!

    :) haha follow me!

  3. LOVE this layout Roxanne! I also used a wedding photo that I scanned and make black and white.


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