Monday, 31 January 2011

and the list goes on....

i knew the other list was lacking. just trying to figure out how i missed some of these. i know i had seen a few products before... but had already forgotten about them when i saw another new product. see? that totally did not take long!!

just to help me try to keep my head above all the new stuff. only because i know i will get all excited when the first order arrives and i'll forget about all the other products i saw and loved. the pics are meant to be small and little reminders for me. 

the first sheets i bought from them....well.....i could not decide which side to use. of course everyone loved them as much as i did so they sold out very quickly. i ended up using BOTH sides of all the paper i bought. never happened before. hasn't happened since. 

 i've been busy prepping or teaching and haven't taken the time i need to see what we have on the shelves. could be that i've walked past spring market a few times already?!

cute take on the dress forms.

 of course. these will definitely be a necessary product in my stash!

 cute and pretty flowers. i love the look of the fabric flowers, and the colours of the organza/tulle. love the embroidered tulle too.


yay! found some photos. my top pick of their new collections.

they have some neat add-ons. how cute are these?!

these girls released some designs with Creative Imaginations earlier this year. i was happy to see more on their way. the designs are very clever and artsy. they have 3 or 4 different designs. this one caught my eye first. 

they have 2 new collections that grabbed my attention....
 this one just has a few designs to choose from. it reminds me of Basic Grey's basics collection. i love that it is similar...but very different!

this one has more of a vintage feel to it. can't wait to see it!!
they also came out with an interesting flower product. pop the flowers off the sheet, fold where directed and then the flowers are flat...yet 3 dimensional. hmmm....

i have a couple of drawers of paper punches. 2 separate punches to go around a page. this looks really cool.....

a corner and edge punch all in one?!

i have a pretty good sewing machine and enough thread to keep me happy for a long time. if i didn't then the sew-easy tool would have been tested by me already! however the floss is definitely thicker than my thread. BUT look at the original designs they have added.... i know! right?!

just a few that caught my attention. but i wouldn't complain if i owned it all! ha!!

honestly, not a bad paper in any of the collections. 

these little pennants are new! i love the little embellishments she designs. 

it's like these were made for me! artisan pins. you have to check out all the other cute products coming out. stamps, stickers, brads, flowers.....the list goes on and on!


this is new for them! love the vintage colours.

what's not to love? what an amazing colour palette in this collection!

first the i-top.
then the i-rock.

now the i-bond. it's a cordless hot glue gun. 

then they came out with more Roly Rosies. in fabric. uh huh.


still can't get enough of Dear Lizzy. she really had awesome stuff, didn't she?

i was quite surprised to see that they added tools to their new products.
a trimmer that can change from straight cut, to wavy to perforated with the movement of a switch. i don't think anyone has done that before?

another twist on the edge punches. buy one lever tool. then save space in your punch drawer by having smaller inserts for the tool. some people will be glad they jumped on the Paper-Punch-Train late!

 and for those who detest making their own pinwheel flowers. how perfect is this!

how did i ever miss these companies yesterday? could it be information overload?! maybe. just a bit. if i win the least i know where my money will be going! for now, i'll dream. ha! i am also going to end this second crazy long post knowing i have missed other items i saw and forgot. at least when i see them again, i know i'll still like them. in the meant time i have lots to keep me busy at home. {can you tell it was another cold day? -41Celsius with the windchill this morning. i had some time on my hands. ha! it will warm up to -11C tomorrow. still great weather to scrapbook!}

what have you seen that looks like fun? leave a comment and tell me!!

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  1. What about "Sweet Threads" by Basic Grey! I think I might have to buy it all!



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