Thursday, 2 June 2011

this post is brought to you by the colour....


the theme for this month is a monochromatic layout. i was hesitant at first. not sure if i could tackle the challenge! i have to say that i am now inspired to try other colours of the rainbow. i'm thinking a little album for the kids....or even canvases for a wall in our home.

Jan had created a yellow monochromatic layout awhile back. it was stunning! last year Pink Paislee also had several features on monochromatic layouts using their products. October Afternoons' designer, Amy Heller, also posted a challenge using their products to create some monochromatic projects. lots of inspiration out there. some near and some far. even the tag swap i am in had the challenge to create one of monochromatic colours.

then i got started on mine....


i knew i wanted to use the colour green. then began my search for photos. i love to take photos using natural light, so i tend to have a lot of summer photos to choose from. when i saw the one i took of a tree stump from a camping trip to David Thompson Country, i was thrilled. i had thought about using other photos from that weekend....but got quite sidetracked looking at photos of flowers and other plans from our yard. i was playing around with my manual focus with my Morning Glory vine a few years ago. i hadn't put any of them into my scrapbook, but loved some of the angles and such that i got. there was green in my photo, but the flowers are blue/purple. when i put all the photos into the collage i liked how they worked together. the flowers themselves provided a pop of colour. it was interesting how the 2 pages changed with the photos. keep reading....


this one is all green. the photo is still enhanced. i love how the tree stump is lifeless....but providing life and nutrients to the plants growing in and around it. something i would love to recreate in my own yard!


there is definitely a reason why flowers have GREEN stems and leaves! i usually notice the flower before i notice the leaves...


another technique will be using the Clearly For Art Papers.


this product has become a crazy addiction of mine! i am loving the imperfection and fun they offer. there is some amount of control....with a bit of uncertainty. in the goals and the way it all forms is in my favour.


and how it takes on colour! oh. my.


yes. i predict giggles and sighs for this class. already i want to see if i can duplicate the layout using a different colour. wouldn't it be neat to have an entire album where each set of layouts focuses on one colour?

there was a gorgeous layout by Christine posted at 2Peas yesterday that also caught my eye. not monochromatic....but a beautiful use of the spectrum.

in the meantime i have 2 projects to complete. another set of teacher gifts - this time for Aidan's teachers. as well as the "fairy" box half done for Kiara's room. i am thankful for all the inspiration out on the internet these days to keep me dreaming!


  1. Oh that is so gorgeous!!! I love every details on you LO, nice hand made flowers!!!

  2. Hey Roxanne! Sorry I dodn't make it to the last class. Crazy busy! I am definately making it to this class. I am so excited, it looks amazing!!!!


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