Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Post 401

it snuck up on me!

kind of like my next birthday....

on the eve of my milestone birthday....

      {  i start a new decade this year! if you say "the thirties".... 
         i just have to say that i think you are awesome. even if you are wrong. 

....i am going to share how to create a tag like this....


i like to think the snowman is looking the future! and he is excited to see what great things it has in store. this one is sparkly. it would look so pretty next to my window on sunny day like today.

there are a few fun techniques in this one.....

.....embossing, alcohol inks, stamping, crackle paint, foil, glass, glass glitter, wire, edge punches.....

perfect for beginner and the advanced crafter.

i am doing a demonstration of this tag at Urban Scrapbook this week. Thursday. the 19th. tomorrow!!

come out and bring a friend.

this is how i want to celebrate the end of my present decade. crafting with friends. and getting my fingers inky, glue-y and glittery. don't we all want that?!

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  1. HAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY Roxanne! Hope you have an awesome day :0 And that tag is AMAZING....just like you! hugs...Kelly


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