Wednesday, 13 February 2008

acrylic winter album

is finished!

if you ever get the opportunity to make an acrylic or transparent album, do it!!! they are not as difficult as they look and that might just be the best part. and i can't forget to mention that they're fun too.

this is the front cover (obvious, i know!)
it looks so neat when it is opened like this...and wow lots of pages
somehow managed to put 2 photos of Aidan and i
here....still have one of Kiara and i....
hmmm...not sure what i will do yetAidan was making "snow marshmallows" for Kiara

tough to tell here...but Aidan made a snow angel on first page
and on the second page...Kiara is standing just above the
finished angel
and that is the end.
so fun!

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