Sunday, 17 February 2008

not exactly a decor project

but what else could this be called?

used "vintage" supplies for all parts of this project. (vintage meaning i used all old supplies...nothing was purchased for the creation of that!
i made a trip to ye old scrap store (a.k.a. Urban Scrapbook)
and used their die cut machines (have to be a member to use)
to cut the flower shape background and all the letters.
and the leaves and arrow were cut by hand.
have i impressed you yet?! lol
i used the sewing machine to stitch the veins on the leaves.
the leaves also double as a stabilizer for the flower....hopefully allowing it to stand straight for a good long time. (our miraculous non-wilting flower)

and it is double-sided! lookey at that!

the centre of the flower is cardboard
(too bad i thought of that later...i could have brought the cardboard to
the store with me...and die cut the same flower shape
out of it as well...can't be brilliant ALL the time!)

the stem is a paint stick (home renovation leftover),
which i painted in green acrylic paint,
then glued matching green paper over and
sanded the edges.
(this was totally not planned....had the paint on hand and it
matched perfectly with the green cardstock....
i wish those kinds of miracles happened with every project)

i also used the sewing machine to sew around the edge of the flower.
cardboard from the same cereal box was used for the arrow.
and every piece of paper has been inked on the edges. yes every piece. all of them. every edge.
the stamps and ink are both stampin'up. which i would not own if not for my sister Heather.
darn! i can't get all the credit here.

and the container is a paper covered box (vintage again!).
filled with rocks and tissue paper. again all on hand.
nothing was purchased new for the making of this sign.

can you keep a secret? i had actually planned to just replace the arrow from our last sign. it had been leaning for a long time now, and we started to tack it to the bulletin board to keep it visible. until i forgot and ripped it! but when i finished the flower part, it wasn't long enough to stand nicely in the bag, and it lacked something. so after carefully matching my "vintage" paper to the bag colours...i had to get something new for it to sit in. isn't that just how life goes sometimes. perhaps this could be called an "altered project"? sounds good to me. TFL at my funny stuff
hopefully everyone will be okay with the new sign.

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