Sunday, 10 February 2008

layout to web

wonder how i get my layouts into a format to show off online?
here is my secret:

she watches from the sidelines to make sure everything looks okay and then makes the necessary adjustments.....
and then waits for the "good job" cue line.
and then she leaves to return to playing until i require her services again.
cute help like this is hard to find!

some lucky lucky people have large scanners that work awesome. others have special lightboxes to take photos at any time of the day. i'm too lazy to even make my own right now....i blame the kids and our tiny home....where could i put it so it isn't going to get smashed or inconvenient to use? until i figure that out, i will use either my living room floor or dining room table when the light is good enough to take pictures without the flash and maintain the colour integrity.

i plug the camera into my computer to download....

then i crop it in PSE5 and adjust the colour if necessary.

and then i save it in a file i can find later!

i came across this entry in Jessica Sprague's blog last week. excellent for beginners to make their photos good enough for web display without using tons of space!

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