Monday, 11 February 2008

these are from Aidan's first year album.
if you haven't is the pregnancy story

the first page has a file folder with the ultrasound picture hidden behind it...the photo turns keep it closed.the second page has lots of hidden stuff!
the most recognizable part are the 3 large sheets that pull out from the top. these store the record of baby names we liked, record of contractions and the photocopy of my health record from the prenatal visits. the opposite sides of these sheets have photos as well.

the little pocket near the bottom has photos taken of me and friends throughout the pregnancy and also a summary of the 9 months. i had originally made a little accordian album, but it was thicker than i wanted. so my friend Stacey suggested the pocket folder. thanks Stacey! it is so good to scrapbook with friends....

and here is the same topic from Kiara's first year album.
unfortunately the second page has the best colour resolution. i really want to know why! the photos were taken at the same time and the same least to the best of my memory...
i still LOVE this paper form Crate Paper. just wish you could see it the same way i do in this instance!
the photos were taken by Leah Warkentin from Design Pics.

some similarities to Aidan's...ultrasound pictures are in a folder, 3 pull-out pages with the names, contractions and prenatal record. i did a journal only mini album for Kiara. it is tucked behind a strip of paper on the second page.

lots to look at.
these layouts were the most challenging. i wanted to include so much stuff, and still not have it be too busy...or too thick.
a little bit of totally useless info....
we didn't know whether we were having a boy or girl in both instances. and the nursery colours were sage green and butter yellow. soooo...why am i telling you this? did you notice the consistent green and yellow theme for both albums on these pages? until now, only i was aware of it....and yes i was very fortunate to find the paper i wanted each time!

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