Wednesday, 5 March 2008

baby album comparison

the first Christmas

i love those colourful mittens and the matching hat (he wore with Santa). the colours in those mittens were the inspiration for this page. i still remember bringing the set with me (and in those days Aidan always shopped with me!) to find the perfect paper. which i could not find. so i cut those strips of paper and made my own.
a side note....after strategically planning the visit to Santa with my friend Stacey (eating and sleeping), Aidan fell alseep just before he sat on Santa's knee. nothing we did could wake him up long enough for the photo! this Santa did not know how to hold babies, either...and yet Aidan still slept.

oddly this paper did not really match anything to do with the Christmas photos! this time i chose the papers after finding the stickers. at least the layout matches itself if it doesn't coordinate with the photos. and the colours are pretty.

and this side note...Kiara was awake for Santa...if only Aidan was as cooperative...he's picking candy cane out of his teeth - the only way he wanted anything to do with Santa, and something he remembered an entire year later.

and do you notice the sweater Aidan is wearing in this photo and how they perfectly match the mitten and hat set he wore his first Christmas? both second hand. both from two different owners. yeah i thought it was cool too.

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