Thursday, 6 March 2008

taking a break

from the baby albums today.

here is the latest page for the family album.
i finally finished this yesterday. i have several photos that i have already printed, just have not put them on a page. who doesn't?! this photo was taken by Leah Warkentin from DesignPics. we had a photo shoot with another woman who was also pregnant, and got to have some pregnancy photos of me alone and with Aidan. it is one of my favourites of us together.

i love looking back at the baby album pages. but doing them is more work than a regular page for me. i alter the style for each of them and keep the albums unique in that respect. they album follows a chronological plan for a page per month and for any "firsts" that are encountered during the year. well....some of the firsts.

i have a "first year" or "baby" album for each of the kids. i also have an album for stuff that i've done after that first year. i made no goals for these albums. just a place to document stuff that happens to them. and the third type of album i have is stuff that is family related. i don't know how many years it will take to fill these albums. we'll just deal with that as it comes! and i won't mention the mini-albums...those just look cute on my shelf and are fun to look at with the kids.

it's funny to think that the original plan was to do just the baby album scrapbook style. hmmmm....who knows how a goal can change!

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