Monday, 3 March 2008

baby albums

month 3

this is the month 4 page for Aidan. and the credit goes to Jane Hasty's layout "Play Thing" in the first issue of Creative Sketches. it isn't a total scraplift, but it is close enough!
Kiara's layout for her third month is my own. this is one of those layouts that you would do differently the second time! i do love the main photo. i did that creative work using adobe photoshop 4. so easy too! or maybe i shouldn't say that.
month 4
by this time i was really getting the hang of scrapbooking and was wanting to try some of my own ideas. this is the first page of Aidan's that i did not scraplift. i can honestly take full credit here. yup that was the champagne popping you just heard!

little Kiara doesn't have any layouts that have been scraplifted yet. maybe that should be a goal for the next page i do of hers. i love this one because everything just came together for me. must have something to do with that magical fourth month?! don't you love those cream flowers? they are crochet. for real. and no i did not make them, you would totally know if i did. i think they were by imaginesce.

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