Friday, 7 March 2008

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month #6

the magical sixth month. i just love that photo of Aidan in the swing. and that goofy grin he has on the second page! it was a horrible picture as photography goes...but that smile couldn't be found on a better quality photo. that smile just made me melt. still does.

can't tell you who made the " BOY" paper...but concepts like this make the layouts a little easier.
i also learned how tough it is to glue vellum onto paper without seeing the glue. since this time, i've learned more about what to use to hide the glue. (like better glue, putting the adhesive on the paper not the vellum, attaching the vellum with brads or eyelets or clips or staples, or not using vellum...)

Kiara is such a little lady. just a delicate little thing. with another great smile. Aidan always opened his little mouth and grinned wildly. but Kiara just likes to let us know that she is happy and ladylike and just full of sweetness.

when i saw the quotes from My Mind's Eye i immediately thought of Kiara. last spring the store got in a whack-load of incredible paper from MME. truthfully i wish i could have bought every sheet. and i nearly did! i have since learned 2 things: one, if i really like the paper there is a good chance others do as well and do i like it well enough to risk that it won't be there in a month when i may want it; and two, there will always be amazing paper coming in. deep, i know.

and another picture hiding the journalling. sometime you just have too many favourite photos and don't have all the space. this is a trick to get around that problem.

also, it is hard to believe that this was Aidan 3 years ago and Kiara 1 year ago. where does the time go?

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