Sunday, 16 March 2008

oh goody goody


last night i went to a girls night out scrapbooking event with the goodie box girls.

i had never been to anything like this before. i really had no idea what to expect.

one of the other girls from urban and i drove out together...we knew each other by name and face from using the crop room at urban scrapbook. i knew that some of the other girls from the store were also going...but again didn't know anyone more than name and face and share the love of scrapbooking.

at the event we were given these fabulous name tags and a copy of one of the best magazines. (hardly any advertising....and lots of amazing ideas....some of the girls from the store have gotten their work published in this one too).

then at our tables was a HUGE vase filled with candy. and a bag filled with goodies to take home. yummy. oh goody!

our first project was one with Janet. a shadow box and an accordian album. all donated by Heidi Swapp. it is very cool. something i never would have attempted on my own. there was a good deal of jump ring attaching. for the first time i was grateful for the "practice" i had attaching the 30+ jump rings for our mom's morning out father's day project i taught last year.

the second project was one designed by Kim and Talia (the goodie box girls). stunning. again. a jar filled with a unique accordian album. sorry no pics of the inside. you have to see it in person. or maybe you will be lucky and get one as a gift from me?!

the last project was a card kit. i had time to make one card. the time just flew.

my new scrapbook friends from the night are Neeru from Edmonton and Sylvia from Grande Prairie. they were so much fun to scrap with. we split up some of our goodies from our goodie bag. hi to you both! thanks for the laughter and fun.

my one and only regret was not bringing the camera. no photos of our scrapping. no photos of new friends. no photos of the goodie box girls. no photos of Janet. would you belive that our battery needed charging. i hadn't taken photos for a few days, so didn't realize it was low. the last time i charged it was just after returning from Washington. good battery, dumb me. lesson learned.

this event was first put on their site after Christmas and was full probably a week or two after the announcement. it was only open to 60 lucky girls. phew! i'm only warning you. it was a successful event. and if you want to come to the next one, it will probably fill up within hours. and sign up, it is sure to be even better. (not totally sure how that is possible....but i think it might be so)

i have to share a funny story.

i have been trying to step out of the box lately. and that means trying new tools and stuff. i had been talking to Heather at the store about this one day. in part of our conversation....i won't repeat the whole thing!! .....she said she loved the edge distresser. it cost something like $3. and i was undecided on this purchase. undecided about spending $3. okay. so when i finally decide to break open the savings account to buy the tool, it is sold out. is that not hilarious?!

so i drove to treasured memories and picked this one up yesterday. i was excited to try this out for the first time. (i believe this tool has been in stores for at least 2 years now!)
then i get to the goodie box event a few hours later...and look what i got in my package from Heidi Swapp? another edge distresser. you have got to be joking. i now own 2 of this cool tool.
there were draws for all kinds of cool things throughout the evening. and guess what i get? yes i now have THREE edge distressers. no kidding! i would have to say that i am set for life. i have no clue on the life expectancy of this tool (basically a razor blade embedded in plastic), but i doubt i will ever have to purchase another one. ever.

now i have lots of supplies and need to take some time to do some scrapping. move out of the way!

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