Wednesday, 2 April 2008


baby girl

i tried something different for me.

am i just thinking too hard when i use paper with graphics in a corner like this?

i wonder if the blue felt flower and bird is too much? should they be brown?

or is it something else i'm missing?

or is it just me? i love everything else on this page.

i used chalk to colour in the scene in the corner.

the materials are mostly Jenni Bowlin. i'm still trying to figure out if her stuff fits with my style.


aren't the photos cute?

i took a shadowbox class at Urban last May. the colours they chose were browns.

immediately i thought of this dress. it is my all time favourite one of hers.

of course i waited to take the photo until the last day. i was lucky and the day turned out to be perfect for photos. phew! i dressed her and set the scene. in about 15 minutes i snapped about 250 photos of her. there were a few of Aidan as well...but mostly Kiara. and the dress. lol! the plan was to go through the photos during the naps, and run them over to London Drugs immediately after their nap. eat supper, pack for the class, and pick up the photos enroute. so i had to make sure that i had some good photos to select from. procrastinator that i am!

i can laugh about it now...but i was worried. she doesn't always allow me to take good photos. and one of the photos caught Kristians' eye. he actually knows what makes a good photo. and this one really impressed him. pat on the back for me! if i only i could plan these things. so the "winning" photo is now on our wall.

so again, this paper made me think of her and the dress.

i think i can still squeeze her into it.'m not a crazy mother.....why would you say that?

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