Thursday, 3 April 2008

take two

i started to load this layout on to SIStv last night and see if my SISters had any opinions. then i realized i really didn't have a title. if you were to look at the majority of my layouts, i don't think they have titles either. it hasn't seemed to matter. until this one.

and then i wondered if maybe that was part of the problem. so i added more blue. haha

the title is now: I see the Wonder in her eyes


or still a disaster!? is done now. and at the very least it has been a learning experience.

and a quick funny story:

i needed to choose some photos for Kiara's twelve month layout. one of them took some time coming up on the screen, so it was a good time to take something to kitchen. as i'm walking i thought i could hear the laughter from that day. seriously i thought, "wow. it is amazing the vivid memories that pictures can create." but i kept hearing the giggles. was Kiara awake from her nap? was Aidan laughing? nope. i walk toward the computer and realize that i had clicked on a video from that day at the park. definitely vivid memories. yup.

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