Friday, 4 April 2008

scrappy day

i had a good night out last night at the store. the girls are the best.

today i sat down to put the finishing touches on the latest layout. Aidan has liked to do some "crafts" while i am crafting. sometimes this works really well. and other times. well...not so much.

today he put together his first real picture.

and i (the teacher-mom) was impressed that he had a story to go along with the picture.

and it just has to be posted here in cyber-space for the world to see...

his story about the picture:

this is a puppy in the house in a boat. and then there was lots of things in the boat. it was a good big house. he jumped in it. then there was a tree in it. and he just stands and says "woof, woof, woof". and he sit down. that is what he says. the end.

yeah. i thought it was adorable too.

cosmo cricket, fancy pants, american crafts, 7 gypsies, the happy hammer

i like how this turned out.

it could have been so much worse. thankfully the thursday night urban girls intervened and stopped the impending disaster! i'll just say that the original paper i chose was not a good start.....nope, not good at all.

thank you!!

i love the colours. i had not thought of the circles...but after it was done it seemed totally obvious to do them. and is that heart not cute?!

i used alcohol inks on the metal tags AND the large brads.

and the title. actually a suitable theme for the kids. they are wild, but they are so much fun. (unless you are exhausted and they are fully awake...never a good combination)

another top story for me is this months' kit at Urban. it is cogsmo by cosmo cricket. it is adorable. totally made me think of Aidan when i first saw it. anyways it is totally worth it to check out the pages at the store or online.

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