Friday, 30 May 2008

digi spring

i took some time to play tonight.

i love everything about this layout except for the blue border. it needs something. but i love the title and some of the stuff i did with brushes. again all of it is free stuff i downloaded from a couple of sites. (which i really need to start bookmarking!)

i should be grateful.
Kristian came home with pse 6 last week.
it does have some cool features that pse 5 didn't have. but now i have another learning curve! i just finished my digi scrapping course at SIStv. and i was feeling very proud of the work i had been able to do with it. thankfully the course was designed for pse 4 and CS3 users. i guess i'll have to read the lessons for both users. i hope to find the answers in there somewhere. can't everything be simple?!
i guess it means i'll just have to take more time to play around and figure stuff out. the manual must be online. like it would even make sense anyway.... Scott Kelby i think i need your book. and i'm sure some savvy digi-scrapper has some good material too. i may need all the help i can get. may? no. that should say 'will'.
oh, and i started to put the kits together for my class. just a little over excited i think! and Pat told me that the class was half full...after only the first few days it was listed. happy dance happening here...

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