Friday, 6 June 2008

this week

has not left me much time for scrapbooking.

i did manage to get a few projects completed from last week.

Aidan gets into creative mode when i scrapbook or put together crafts that are interesting to him.

and he also likes to have his work photographed. i do very little stamping on my work. but i think his stamps are the most interesting for him right now. these are old stamps i used to use when i was teaching. many kids have used these ones! i am impressed how well he is doing with stamps. notice how he cut out the "picture" and taped it onto the paper?

i finally finished my scraplift from the goodie box girls night out. i so love this jar. so i did my own take on it. i'm going to share this with some friends in the next few weeks so that they can enjoy this fun and attractive craft. we'll see what kinds of changes they'll make.

i couldn't get the rhinestone circles. so i used Ranger dimensional pearls in espresso and also the liquid pearls in white opal. so easy to use. and when i messed up on a wiped off nicely. i also wanted to see if they could peel off after they had dried. again no problem. i love it when supplies are so forgiving of mistakes!

the view from the top.
the side. this is something i love about this project.
and when you open the jar....each side of the album is different!

i used some new chatterbox paper. those butterflies caught my eye right away...and i searched all of the other papers. nothing made me as happy as those butterflies. i hope the girls like them too.

i did a few minutes of blogging today. tried to view a few blogs i hadn't seen in awhile.

check out Janine Langer. i find her scrapbook pages so inspiring.

this is also another inspiring blog. if you like to have a "plan" for a scrapbook page or a card, then this is right up your alley. they also have contests. i have noticed a lot of the more well-known scrapbookers either design for this blog, or refer to it. not everyone....{wink!} but a lot!

and didn't this nearly make me fall off of my chair! Creating Keepsakes magazine has an annual contest called the "Hall of Fame". well just winning is an honor. i hadn't realized the prizes were so....what is the word.....generous.... Cindy Tobey was the winner this year. she shared several (so many that i lost count!) photos of her prize package. it must have been delivered by a truck....check out her photos here. congrats!

so i came across some interesting gifts for Father's Day.

one is here. in fact there are some other amazing projects and pages to scraplift.

and then there are these ones. but you have to buy them. unless you know how to make these beauties. and if that is the case...i want to learn! they are from Lisa Leonard Designs.

this one is my favourite.

i came across a really neat idea on SIStv.

and the other project i have on the go is not as exciting to anyone except myself!

as i announced a few weeks ago, i am teaching my first class at Urban Scrapbook. yay! and part of my job is to put kits together for the class. everything was put together into a bag, but i need to separate them into individual kits. so some prep work.

i still have a few minor things left.

yes i had to cut out 20 individual pieces of grungeboard. and it was less work than i initially anticipated. love surprises like that.

and i found out that there are only 2 spots remaining in the class! i think i need to work on my expectations for myself. i was expecting it to be less full than that. seeing it is my first class, and i'm new... but i do love surprises like this!!

i was at Urban Scrapbook last night. so glad that i could make it this week. i had some more time to browse through new stuff. ScrapWorks now has vinyl rub-ons. how crazy is that? they look really cool. i had bought an acrylic circle album a few weeks ago. maybe i will used them on that. and Making Memories has been awesome this year. they have a lot of new products. well, some are the same types. but at least the colours and themes have changed. Prima has some plastic/thick acrylic shapes. i thought i'd try alcohol inks on them.

i had gone to the "M" store on the weekend looking for some embossing powders. my advice is to not go there for that item. i took Kiara to Western Educational yesterday. and that is the place to go if you want some options! some powders have glitter mixed with them, so they are a bit shinier. others are more flat. and then you can also get a few options in texture. they actually have samples of all their bottles so you can know exactly what you are getting.

i hope that i'll have some time this weekend to finish Kiara's page of her first birthday. last official page of her baby album. i also found some fun boyish paper. maybe i'll do one of Aidan on his new bike.

the next big "to do" on my scrapbook list is to print out photos. choose photos first. not always my favourite. i just want to put them on a page! patience, breathe, patience....

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