Sunday, 18 May 2008


cropped and photoshopped my photos for my next sets of scrapbook pages.

for some reason this took me a couple of months....narrowed down the number of them....just couldn't get my mind to figure out the last step....

until i sat down yesterday during nap time and forced myself to concentrate! crazy! you'd think i was actually doing work.....

love this one of Kiara.
i showed it to Kristian and he asks, "is that from her first birthday?" we had a good chuckle over that one...she has only had one birthday....

OneLittleWord had a tutorial on making photo strips. i had kind of done something like this before. so i sort of added my own flair again. just didn't want to read through the directions....had my own plan. but still inspired by the post.

i used a 4x6 page with a white background 300ppi. then i cropped these photos to 2.5x2 inches. in hindsight i could have gone smaller. basically pasted the same photo 3 times onto the blank page. a 50% stroke outline on each photo. hue/saturation levels 50%, 75%, 100%. and a photo frame brush (can't remember where i got that brush from).

one of the pages i did i had a vertical 4x6 background. and pasted the photos in vertical...instead of horizontal in the above photo. i used 3 photos for that as well. same steps. but the pictures were cropped smaller 1.5x2inches. looks much more like the photo booth style.

so i'm off to finish these pages. can't wait to show you!

i also added a photo to the page i made at Urban for thursday nights' class. i'll share it with you soon. in the meantime..... check out Lucy's page with her melted flowers. i'm not sure where the tutorial for this is. i do know that there is one on SIStv. here. it's episode #67. also another scrapper posted her flowers here. as you can see the possibilities are so fun with this technique!

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