Tuesday, 20 May 2008

baby album comparison


month twelve....

you had probably forgotten about comparing Aidan and Kiara's baby album pages. i hadn't. but for some reason had trouble concentrating on selecting Kiara's photos. in hindsight i think i thought too hard about it. so one night when i was feeling relaxed (gosh! i really have those days!!heehee) i got that task completed. and it was actually a pretty good page to put together in the end. so now all i have to do is her first birthday layout....and i'm caught up!

as a reminder:
my goal for scrapbooking has been to do one layout per month for my kids' first year. i also wanted to hilight some of their firsts. i didn't have any expectations for that part. i chose to use a 12x12 inch format. with page protectors. this has helped. i've been able to move pages around, insert pages with ease. perfect for me. right now.

after the baby albums, layouts are strictly for fun. for me! i want to document certain moments, that kind of thing. for now i've been sticking to the 12x12 inch format with slip in page protectors as well. there are a huge number of options these days in terms of page size and finding albums to work. we'll see how this will evolve in the future.

so here is month twelve...no more gibberish!

this layout was completed in 2005. again printing on vellum. i did a lot of that in his album. the ruler was a leftover part from the package i bought for his first month page. very basic page. all the photos were the same size 4x6 inches. and there is some sewing on these pages too.

the letter "a" was a metal letter i attached to the photo. i also used some rub-ons. more leftovers from a making memories package. note to the wise: don't "save" rub-ons for long. i stored mine in a large binder system and some of the words actually stuck to the paper in the package...
i think that "joy" was supposed to be part of a phrase....but the phrase got ruined. oh well...at least it still works! the one weird photo is one i caught of Aidan's first steps a week before he turned one.

and Kiara's completed last week...
i saw a 12x12 transparency frame by Fancy Pants on one of my weekly trips to Urban. they had some awesome ones in the last line...or is it the new line...i can never keep track! there are always new products coming out. instead of using it as one page, like it was intended....i cut it up and spread it out over two pages. AND they also had a die-cut sheet that complimented the transparency and patterned papers.

some layering. curling the paper die-cuts. added some bling.

i did my journaling on a section of paper from Dream Street. (they have a line of papers that come die-cut to make mini-albums. they're even double sided! very classy. and choose from 6x6 inches or 6x12 inches.) the black ribbon was a left-over from the Goodie Box Girls' Night Out in March. and i stamped swirls on the pages to accent the ones already there. this was an afterthought. i had bought a set of Little Yellow Bicycle (by Deja Views) stamps a while back, and realized that the swirl in the set matched the existing swirl on the one page very nicely. some StazOn ink because i also stamped over some of the transparency. StazOn is a solvent ink pad that can be used on any surface, but it will adhere to surfaces that a regular dye ink pad can't. like my transparency sheet!

i also added a bead to the centre of the purple flowers. just a package i picked up at the W store. and i sprinkled some doodlebug sugar coating glitter in there too. love that product. and----this was fun---i sewed beads onto the paper tag. love how that turned out.

now to get myself healthy again...and start working on Kiara's first birthday layout. and the rest of the projects i have on the go!

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