Sunday, 25 May 2008

that made my day!

came to an enlightening realization as i was preparing supper tonight....being sick sucks!

between myself and the kids we've been house bound for a week now. then there is the time crunch with Kristian getting the playhouse/shed built.

i cannot handle one more whine or unneccessary tears....

thank you treehouse tv. thank you tv recorder. the two are now ready for bed and enjoying max and ruby. and there is peace. phew!

and this is where the day changes for the best....and it won't just be me who benefits!

i logged on to SIStv and uploaded the "friend" layout from yesterday. then, as usual, i check out what the other SISters are doing. and i notice that i already had a few "views" on my layout and one comment. curious i wondered who it was...and what they said!

this is what made my day...

BIG SIS herself wrote me a comment. WOW!! "THE BIG SIS". the head of SIStv....

yeah, i'm just a "tad" ecstatic!

i'm feeling better. maybe i'll let the kids stay up five minutes later?!

thanks Jeanette!

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