Wednesday, 25 June 2008


reason #1234

to buy a crop-a-dile....

yes this contraption. (photo from We R MemoryKeepers site...)
you can also buy it in green.

watch this video here on Jennifer McGuires blog to see how she used the crop-a-dile to emboss some paper.

if you've never seen it used....WRMK has a demo video on YouTube here.

and another scrapbook lover has her own YouTube video here.

the "old fashioned" method to make holes is using a hole punch...something we all mastered in sixth grade.

the "new-old" method was using a manual setter and a hammer. this is still useful if you need to make a hole in the middle of a 12 inch piece of paper... but eyelets became popular not too long ago. which i realize now is probably getting close to a decade! yikes i'm getting old!! and to set these you first punch a hole, then put your eyelet into the hole, turn the paper and eyelet upside down and hammer it to set it.

once Aidan was born....i only ever did this if he was awake or ready to wake up! it is loud. before he was born, i set a huge amount of eyelets in Christmas cards. so many that our old IKEA pine table had a few dent marks. i neglected to mention that you needed to also have a mat under the punch. and i still dented the table using the mat. yeah. not a great method if you happen to do your crafting on the dining table.

so for the sake of sleeping babies and nice furniture....the crop-a-dile is a huge step forward.

WRMK also came out with a version - called the Big Bite - that will allow you to make holes and set eyelets in the centre of those large pages.

and if you still want to watch a video. really need a good laugh. this is a must see. well actually two. but they go together.

number one
number two

i love it. makes me feel so normal. and cheers me up!! don't you love how she reacts to the "disaster"? i do get this video in my head whenever i hear the word "slinky".

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