Tuesday, 29 July 2008

you paid how much?

84 cents.



wanted to share this last week. the same day i scored.

finally went grocery shopping at Superstore. up until i had kids and wasn't earning a monthly paycheck, i referred to this store as "stupid store". well, as stupid as it is....they do have some bargains you just can't pass up.

like the bargain bins. i've found pillows. and last week i found this fiskar's border punch. it also embosses. and i only paid 84 cents. i bought party napkins and treat bag prizes....and those cost more! $1.67 for Shrek napkins....and 84 cents for a scrapbook tool.

i wasn't as lucky with my scrapbooking pages later....but i'll show ya anyway.

Aidan refers to any group of people working on some construction site...or wearing overalls....or orange vests...as "workermens". and he loves to be one himself. whenever he is allowed. his grandma took these photos of the trio. three generation photo. on the job!

love, love, love crate paper. they have double-sided cardstock patterned paper. and it is nice. this is actually an older line. but i love it. the paper colours totally do not match the photos. but the theme fits.

these photos were complimentary when the kids got their passport photos taken.

i had gone to the UofA...this was when Kris was still working on campus....but too busy at work to join us. {so glad those days are over!} Aidan has a hairdresser in HUB mall. so the plan was to get his haircut, get their passport photos taken and have lunch out as a treat. HUB can be busy at times. and this was no exception. the photo studio was just starting to peak at a busy time when we arrived. and we had to wait behind only one other customer. the line was behind us. phew!! winter coats. stroller. and excited kids. great combination. i'm certain the photographer was super excited to spend time with us. to her joy - and huge surprise - both of the kids were very cooperative. passport photos of children are pretty picky. they have to be looking at the camera, full face. and no smiles. no easy feat. i was surprised too. happily surprised on this occasion.

while we waited for our photos. she even offered to keep our coats behind the counter while we had our lunch. i was a little skeptical. wondering if it was some kind of conspiracy plan....heehee

we came back to get the photos and she gave me a discount and these extra pictures, which she did as a thank you. she was amazed at how well the kids had done. they charge extra for kids because it often takes more time to get them to cooperate. but my kids got the adult rate. and we got our coats back. i liked this conspiracy plan!

i definitely had to scrap about a time when my kids were complimented on their behaviour!!!

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