Thursday, 31 July 2008


had to

i had forgotten about this blog. i remember reading a few posts back in June.

bloggedy blog blog

i don't have time this morning to catch up on all the posts i've missed. BUT there were lots on just the one page that were really inspiring.

like the wedding. the theme? "with a twist of lime" if i wasn't married, i'd so copy that idea.

then there was her laundry area. classy! my little hole in the wall may have a chance after all! sure.

yes she does have some scrapbooking.

but i love that her posts are inspiring. summer is great. most people are out enjoying the weather. not inside doing creative stuff. i admire people who have time for both during these summer months!

anyways....go check saucy out! but grab a coffee first. you will lose track of time. for sure.

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