Thursday, 21 August 2008

inspired to

make some

.....year in review....


i have lots of photos and journalling from Aidan and Kiara's first year. {and so glad to be done those albums!} and an album for "the years after they turned one". i've thought it might be nice to limit myself to a number of my favourite photos of a particular year and make an album of those. add in some journalling....and a cute little keepsake.

these will be for the photos of their second year. basically the day after they turned one, until they were {officially} two.

the plan is to pick out 2 photos for each most memorable, or defining or just good photo.....i should end up with about 30 all together. and my math is correct. even though i'm aiming for 2 per month or 24 photos....there are always a few that just HAVE to be added in!

this is a felt covered mini-album made by ki-memories. the pages are 4inch square. the page protectors are sewn in place...easy to make the little pages and pop them into place!

when i showed Aidan this album.....he was so excited to see the star!

and this one is adorable. totally Kiara. they had a lot of flower designs...given that the name of the line is "bloom", i suppose that is rather obvious. lol.

there are 20 pages in total. but you have to double that number, because each page is really two pages---front and back.....i could have 40 photos if i wanted! yikes!that number keeps increasing.

i hope to have at least 12 photos that will take up the entire 4 inch page. no paper. {gasp} maybe do these in black and white? the remainder of the photos will be 3 inch square or even wallet size (2.5 by 3.5 inches). most in colour. some of the pages will have my journalling and not a photo.

the papers are all double-sided. love that. and all primary and secondary basic colours. nothing too busy or too mixed. totally "d0-able" for both a boy or a girl. the theme is growth.

these are the papers. a few of the sides are definitely girly. fortunately there are enough non-girly ones to choose from too. love that about double-sided papers. and i picked up some ribbon and these cool rubber embellishments. my plan is to also make some felt ones. and this is where i can also emphasize the boy or girl theme. and felt is really cool right now. and i love that ribbon!

i did get some letter stickers that work with this line of paper and add-ons too. very excited about them!

i saw those albums....and then saw the papers and other embellishments.....and thought it would be cool to have complimentary albums. and tiny, translation...quick! i want to keep the pages simple so that the focus is on the photo. on the days and moments when they were still little, and cute! i needed a kick to get back to organizing and printing photos....yay for me!

stay posted....hopefully i can have two completed albums to show you next week!

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