Saturday, 20 September 2008


i found this blog back in february...and then somehow managed to lose the link.

Craft Critique

want to buy a new paper trimmer, but not sure if it is what you want?

curious about the crop-a-dile? or the new big bite?

or want to know what is the best paper for stamping?

this is the place to check out!

this week they also listed some top company blogs. described what it is like and listed the pros-cons for each of them.

and it isn't limited to paper stuff. they also had a demo on how to felt your own wool. far too much work i think...but hey, maybe it makes you smile! i guess that is how non-scrappers feel about us scrappers!!

and i am so happy to report that i have finally selected photos from all the way back to january. i actually am missing a few months....october to december. but at least i had a start!

i notice that sometimes the colours on my computer don't always reflect the colours in the prints. once i see the prints themselves i'll then choose which photos i want and crop those for that second year album.

happy news: i think Costco will be my new best friend. i'm going to download photos in smaller as in within a few weeks...not a year! they have an album storage system too. free! and only 15 cents for a 4x6 print. good paper. good quality print. all the stars are lined up!!

sad news: i think we've lost 2 months of photos from Aidan's file. when he was 25 and 26 months old. ugh. i should have some photos on disks from when i had a few printed. phew! but it is nice to have the original copy....

3 lessons learned:

1. read Craft Critique to check out comparisons - and bookmark the link!
2. order photos in the comfort of my own home and print for cheap at Costco
3. better back up system for photos...still working this one out...

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