Friday, 26 September 2008


i finally got my photos sorted and printed. all of the ones from January through to the beginning of September. phew! i am still missing some from October to December....but at least i have made a dent! i have some new material to scrapbook. i could lock myself in a room for a few months and not run out of photos or supplies. except for maybe adhesive. i'd have to plan ahead for that part!

here is a layout i just finished today. not typical for me. it's fun to stretch myself and see what i can create. i never would have bought this paper myself. it came in a "goodie box". but it was fun to use it. i was actually surprised at how well i was able to match stuff to it. and by paper i mean that bold black and white with vibrant accents....Rouge de' Garance from Sandilion. as i was working on the page i thought of more possible ways to use this same piece of paper. how cool is that!?!

the journalling reads: "Kiara-we had the impossible time of finding shoes to fit your feet. Everything was too small...or too big. But these fit just right! Lucky!! Of course we had to get a pair for Aidan, too!"

i used my glue pen and some doodlebug glitter on the edges of some of the letters.
the coloured letter stickers are from American Crafts...amazing how well the glitter matches them.
i splurged and bought some Tattered Angels masks. and i seem to keep splurging on new Gimmer Mist colours. oh dear. so addicted.

Kiara goes everywhere with this bear. it used to be white. and she calls him "Teddy Bear".

my new obsession is pins. to be truthful i guess i shouldn't say that it is new. i've been loving these since at least March. but it wasn't until very recently that i felt brave enough to try making a couple. i've seen some amazing ones....unique beads and colours and sizes. it really is a craft in itself.

i have a lot of brads. i've bought a couple of packages of multi-coloured ones over the past few years. i love that they never seem to run out! {my most used colours are brown, black and pewter....those do run out....and get replaced immediately!} i like how they worked as the centre of the flowers in my KI Memories paper.

more KI Memories. i'm so glad that they keep designing and producing this paper lace. i would definitely recommend white. it can always be coloured. {now dont' go out and buy the last sheet of white before checking to make sure i've got some!!} can you tell that i used some of the lace as a mask for glimmer mist on this layout? in fact it was the same colour as the previous layout. isn't it cool how it looks different on both blue backgrounds?

and that is doodlebug glitter and my glue pen that decorated two edges of the photo. and the words were done on Adobe. sometimes i impress myself when i plan ahead like that....sigh.

i think Aidan is a minimalist. but look how well spaced his embellishments are! he is coming home with a craft or artwork nearly every day after playschool. this is a new thing for us.

i hope to dress my kids up - in jeans and sweaters! and take them out for some more fall photography tomorrow. last weekend i got some amazing photos. and we all got some fresh air. can't beat that!!

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