Sunday, 26 October 2008

robot cake create

i won't be giving up my day job {lol} to earn a living decorating cakes. but my talent is sufficient for a four year old. {and the 36 year old wasn't too disappointed either!}

i took a regular 9x13 cake. strategic cuts. {did i mention that i designed this myself?}
with a few more cuts. layout the pieces.
this was the stage that got me grumpy! i got my butter to make my icing...discovered that it had molded...did not know butter could do that! ick!! i should have used my decorating icing as the time. i basically used the icing to "glue" all the pieces together. then i did a "scratch" coat of icing. popped the whole thing into the freezer. then completed the icing and decorating.
completed my decorating. in hind sight i do wish that i had put the colour in my butter icing and iced the robot parts with the butter icing instead of the decorators icing. {decorators icing=royal icing=very firm and very sweet}

it was enough to impress this little guy. and it did the trick.
he has been asking for a robot birthday party since April....when he went to a friends' party...which was a pirate party, ironically!

hours of work. and minutes to eat. guess where the birthday boy wanted to start eating?

the head.

decapitated robot. lots of laughter!

{we can safely say that being a baker at Ace of Cakes will not be in my near future....}

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