Monday, 3 November 2008


sooooo....i've decided that i don't have enough to do! isn't that a laugh?!!

i signed up for another course later this month. i've long been an admirerer of Jessica Spragues' digital scrapbooking talents. she knows how to rock Photoshop! {she also has a few digi kits that i've downloaded from her site}

this one is different. writing or journaling in scrapbooks is becoming a returning trend. we can always hear more tips in this area.

go here.
you only have until November 8 to register. yes, that would be Saturday.
did i mention that it is FREE ! !
what is there to lose?
while i'm talking about classes.....
i am LOVING my ScrapInStyleTV class right now. i was so happy to do one of the projects for it on the weekend {thanks Kris!}.
this is the project the instructor made here.
mine does not look much different! i had extra KI Bloom paper left over from the kids second year albums. so perfect! i could have gone out shopping and picked up more paper - large enough to cover the inside of the book....but i couldn't wait! Jenni Bowlin worked very well for me!
i can't wait to make this.
is that not stunning?! maybe a row of them...

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