Sunday, 2 November 2008

celebrate a second year

you may remember this post... only took me two months to complete this!

i made a mini mini-album {4 inches square} to review Aidan's second year. i plan to do the same for Kiara....have the supplies! just need to choose photos.

the added bonus? Aidan and Kiara both love looking through the album. it is the perfect size for those little hands.

here are the details:
this is on one of the last pages. good way to document what the album is actually about. i also added dates to some of the pages too.

LOVE this cover.

a photocopy of a handprint from around his first birthday and one from his second birthday. they like to place their own hands over top and compare sizes.
and a photo from his very first birthday.

second halloween.

second snow.
you are a cutie!

second Christmas. second tree.

you are my sunshine!

mmmm....chocolate. second valentines day.

You make me laugh, you make be cry
Oh, little one of mine
You are my light, you are m life
My little ray of sunshine.
-Laura Taylor Mark

NONONONONO!!! Second spring in Canada. yes the snow feels like it never ends.

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.
-Carrie Snow

so big. yes, still second spring. it does go on forever!

second easter. and yes improved spring weather. for the second time!


haircut. the first one with a hairdresser. still bald though!

second summer.

Oh! the places you'll go!
-Dr. Seuss
vacation to the ocean.

lil' gardner.
lil' carpenter. i guess it is in the jeans...or lack thereof.

last few days before he became a big brother.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

tough to get a clear shot with page protectors! oops!!
the last picture i attached to the back cover....his second birthday.

and there you have it. can't wait to share Kiara's book.
and still wondering if i should do something to hilight the remaining years? they still grow so much that second year....and it kind of gets lost in the busyness of that year....something to think about. but so glad i am doing something special to remember their young lives, and let them look back with us!

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