Tuesday, 9 December 2008

add one more to the list!

well, my scrapbooking has had to take a backseat these days. both of my kids have been sick with a terrible stomach bug. not fun. for anyone. the washer and dryer are both getting good workouts.... we thought that Kiara was feeling better, but she is still trying to shake off the bug. it's nice that she sleeps because she has to be near me 90% the rest of the day! i love the cuddles..but after awhile it's nice to move too. really i'm also thankful that i'm healthy to take care of them. so divided!

this week i made it to Micheal's and bought some more Martha Stewart glitter. if you read my other blog, you heard that Kiara dumped one of my bottles over the kitchen floor. i noticed that these lids on the larger bottles are very tricky...and possibly slower for a 2 year old to open discreetly. it was 30% off. so i bought 2 bottles!

this afternoon - while Kiara slept - i was able to print off some photos and start journaling in our December countdown album. we are as far as day 8. not bad catch up! it's kind of a bummer, because nearly the first week is rather boring. not in real life! but it looks that way on paper. i just hope that we end the month better than we started.

i've also been plotting another album. i've been browsing online. thinking. looking at photos. more online browsing.

this one is going to be digital!

i am so excited!!!

because it is such a large task, i bought a pack of page templates by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals. i'm keeping the pages simple.

BUT it did make me think that i should continue to do more pages next year. a month at a time. then by December my work is done! time will tell if that actually happens.

i've had to do some playing around. finding my groove. the first few pages are always a little slow. i got one month done. hopefully i'll get more done tomorrow. i want to do 40 pages altogether. i now have 5 completed. wish me luck!

what do you think?
i still love those Rhonna Farrar snowflakes that i bought last year for our Christmas card.

here's hoping that i'll be able to share some other fun stuff tomorrow!

in the meantime....check out this blog by Tim Holtz for stamping and ink inspiration. and the prizes are jaw dropping too.

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