Sunday, 14 December 2008

slow start

this past week has been a bit of a bust! i have done some creative playing. but nothing is ready to share yet! gotta love that. i've been busy busy doing my digital year-in-review album. hope i can finish today. Kiara is FINALLY feeling better. i never dreamed that i would be grateful for her to be causing her usual trouble and getting into my stuff!

with her on my lap i've been surfing the net and looking at goodies on other blogs. or we've been watching Madagascar...again. i think she watched it 3 times in a row one day. mommy needs a break from Marty, Alex, Melman and Gloria for awhile. and we can add Toopy and Binoo and Max and Ruby from the list too. i love holiday specials and movies, so i've been trying to pvr as many as i can.

here are some goodies that have stuck in my mind this week:

this is from the Work In Progress blog:

love this idea!

the writer of this article also gave credit to Ali Edwards for her blog article. she shares some ideas that she gathered from other sites. definitely worth browsing. especially if you have a sick two year old glued to your lap.

i cannot wait to try this one! from one of my favourite challenge blogs: A Daily Inspiration

it has a bit of a scandinavian feel to it. the instructions are also found here. they don't look too frightening!

i think this would be simple enough for my kids to do too.

Andrea has her template and instructions posted here too. she's also Canadian! yay!!
check out the entire entry too. no instructions, but some fabulous ideas.
this is one of hers from last week. so simple. so fun!

and this blog is definitely a must stop.
it's an entire blog dedicated to christmas ideas. she is also offering an online class to make these cute little christmas trees.

enjoy your surfing.
tell me what has inspired you this week?

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