Friday, 26 December 2008

a little late

but i just had to share!

while i was sipping my special coffee in my brand new mug from santa....i did some blog hopping.

are you a Calvin and Hobbes fan?

does that not make you smile?!

she also created one where the snowman is holding his head in his hands....check it out here.

and i wonder if you have some leftover candy?

this looks like fun! i wondered if royal icing would work too? then it would be an edible decoration.... check out her other ideas here.

and here is a wreath that you could totally do to fit any season....anam also typed up an instruction sheet to download. for free!

Santa brought me a personal cricut this year. that has been fun. i'm trying to decide if i should purchase the software for Sure Cuts A Lot. do you think it is a good buy? the cricut cartridges are so expensive... i'm glad that cricut has their own design software. but it would help to have more cartridges too. i wish i could design in Adobe and then transfer it to the cricut. that would be awesome! i did download a trial version of the cricut software....any tips to share?

check out this blog entry....there is an excellent poem to remind us of the real reason behind celebrating Christmas...and a give-away!

Merry Christmas!

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